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4 benefits of using Expo

If you clicked on this article, chances are you already know what Expo is, but if actually don't know let's say it is a set of components and tools that extend React Native...
4 Apr 2021

Go function to check if string contains prefix

This is how to quickly check if a certain string contains a specific prefix. This is usefull when you're checking commands for example.
25 Feb 2021

Programatically change class on Vue.js elements

Do you want to change a class of some element programatically using Vue.js?
24 Mar 2020

Copy text to clipboard with Javascript

One thing that I find myself searching for from time to time, is how to copy a specific text on my app to the clipboard, when the user just clicks on a button or some action occured
24 Jan 2020

How to Make First Letter Uppercase in Javascript

If you have the need to uppercase just the first letter of a string in JavaScript like I did, just keep reading this article, because this is for you. There are multiple ways to achieve this...
14 Dec 2019

One Year of Life in Norway

For those who don't know me, I moved to Norway last January. This post isn't about the differences between Norway and Portugal, but more focused on the type of work I'm
8 Dec 2019

Implementing Dark Mode without Javascript

Why do something like this? Well, its simple, just for the fun of it. You might arguee that everybody has scripts enabled in the browser and I agree with you, so, once again...
23 Aug 2019

Simple grayscale SASS mixin

Many many times, we look on the web for a simple way to give a black and white filter to images, with pure css. Now that SASS and other preprocessors are getting bigger and...
16 Mar 2019
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